TRANSCEND! Detox Membership

TRANSCEND! Detox Membership

every 3rd Month
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DETOX BODY BOOSTER    £73 every three months 15% off all our products 

What does my detox contain. 


- Elderberry syrup immunity booster rich 

 in vitamins A&C  

. Decreases mucus production 

. Fights cold and flu 

. Soothes coughs


- 3 x blood cleanse detox.

 The blood cleanser aids to detox your liver digestive tract, prevent formation of kidney stones and lowers cholesterol all while purifying your blood, weather you want to loose weight, stop smoking or just give your body some goodness. The blood cleanse is a must. rich in calcium, vitamin c ,b boosts your immune system for all round brilliant health.


- 60g of Organic Detox dandelion & chamomile loose tea 

All Our Loose Teas Come With four Organic Cotton Tea Bags To Brew Your Tea In.

Includes a Beautiful hand crafted wooden spoon. 

Chamomile has many benefits.

It can be used to reduce abdominal cramps, improve pms/ menstrual cramps, to help abort migraine headaches (if used early on) & to decrease restlessness associated w sleep. 

It has been used topically for burns. It can cause drowsiness or allergic reactions (ragweed)it is not recommended during pregnancy or if taking blood thinning medications.

Dandelion is a wonderful herb for the liver, the health benefits of dandelion are endless.

Dandelion is rich in vitamins A,B,C and D high in minerals iron and potassium.

Helps to cleanse the blood and liver which in turn can balance your hormones and aid in weight loss.


- Eco bamboo tooth brush 


- 14 days organic coconut oil pulling kit comes with full instructions. 

This unbelievably effective procedure has been used for centuries as a traditional India remedy to:


  • Treat tooth decay
  • Kill bad breath
  • Heal bleeding gums
  • Prevent heart disease
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Whiten teeth
  • Soothe throat dryness
  • Prevent cavities
  • Heal cracked lips
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve acne
  • Strengthen gums and jaws 


Why Detox

What is a organic juice fast?

A juice fast is abstaining from food for a period of days and instead consume healthy organic vegetable based juices.

Juicing allows your body to eliminate toxins, while giving your digestive system a brake.

Your body and organs are able to work and heal much faster with an all juice fast, it helps your body to pre- digest nutrients in the food, which increases absorption.

How does a juice fast work?
What is the difference between juices and smoothies?
Why detox First?

By starting your healthy diet changes with a detox, you are able to rid your body of built up toxins and start with a fresh slate.

Your body will be balanced, and you will be more able to finally able to keep your body from craving those unhealthy junk foods.

You should be begin to make your long term healthy eating changes post detox, this way your body will have got rid of a lot of the harmful toxins which have been holding back your attempts to loose weight.

What Foods Should I Eat On A Detox?

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