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Our Mission

Here at Just Organics we believe true health and beauty starts within.

We have all heard the saying "you are what you eat" not only is it important to be mindful of what you digest it is also just as important to be mindful of what your skin absorbs.

That's why we have created a wide range of ailments to help cleanse you inside and out.

Whether you are an organic pro or a newbie we have something to aid you in your journey of setting your body free from harmful chemicals and to help you shine from the inside out.

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My Story

My little prince AKA SASHA BASHER, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2017, due to Ishmael’s sensory issues he would not touch a vegetable or eat anything that wasn’t brown and dull, if we even asked him to eat a vegetable it would be a big fat loud, screaming for hours on end NO!
He was constantly sick due to his low immune system, every month he was in A&E, not realising he lacked nutrition, due to the fact that he wouldn't eat vegetables and most fruits.
This in turn lowered his immune system. I remember the day he refused to eat a bell pepper, sitting next to him for hours trying every trick in the book, to get him to eat it. It was horrible, I felt horrible, but what could I do. My son who was constantly sick, lacking so much nutrition his stools were white and he craved sugar to the point he would refuse to eat unless the food on offer had sugar on it or was coated in chocolate.
It was then I knew I had to do something, I started researching and reading every book I could get my hands on regarding his autism, nutrition and detox. After much study on juicing vegetables and the intake of probiotics and all the benefits they provide, we then introduced organic juice and probiotics into our daily lifestyle. We witnessed amazing results within weeks in his milestones, development and speech.
He now no longer gets sick and eats everything put in front of him. After several weeks of adopting the changes we started to notice a multitude of amazing benefit we as a family were experiencing. Our hair skin and nails started to flourish, we also noticed a surge in our energy and mental clarity.

With hectic life styles and three young children to care for this transformation was a god send. After months of feeling amazing our thirst for knowledge grew rapidly, so we decided we wanted to maximise the changes he was experiencing physically.
This is where our skincare range Pure Nature came into fruition, and is currently on sale in our store. We thought if we are going to be cautious of what we put into our bodies we should be just as cautious of what we put on them.
So we developed a range of organic skincare products, because we wanted so badly to avoid using chemicals on our skin, because 70% of toxins come though our skin and then right into our bloodstream.
So what we put on our skin should be as nature intended.
Oozing with energy and embracing the beautiful transformation of a strictly organic life style, we couldn't keep this secret to ourselves and I decided to further research and study, which meant I could successfully complete a degree in detox. Following this Just organics was born in early 2015.
You see a dream first starts with a thought, a thought then turns into a feeling, a feeling then manifests into reality.
Just Organics was my thought, my feeling and now is my reality.
Dreams do come true.
Leanne x
Just Organics.

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