Organic Lavender Detox Epsom Bath Salts
  • Organic Lavender Detox Epsom Bath Salts
  • Organic Lavender Detox Epsom Bath Salts
  • Organic Lavender Detox Epsom Bath Salts
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Organic Lavender Detox Epsom Bath Salts

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Using Epsom bath salts is known to Aid in pulling out harmful toxins from the body and allows the body to heal with 325 enzymes to Aid in muscle and nerve function, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow, oxygenation throughout the body.

Lavender is known for skin healing, protecting the liver and kidneys, helping the body to relax and get a restful nights sleep, reducing depression and mood swings.

Known to Aid in healing.

Cold & Flu Symptoms

Athletes Foot


Toenail Fungus


Muscle Soreness

Replenish The Body's Magnesium Levels

Ingredients: 100% Organic Lavender & Epsom Salt 540g


For more information about Epsom Salts read our full Benefits Article here - The Benefits of Epsom Salts

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