Organic Water Kefir Probiotic Grains
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Organic Water Kefir Probiotic Grains

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Organic Water Kefir Probiotic Grains

Water kefir is a delicious slightly carbonated fermented drink brewed on sugar water or coconut water. Its fermented at room temperatures generally for 48 hours it has many health benefits and is a good alternative to it's relative milk kefir. suitable for people who can't or don't drink milk products.

Kefir contains valuable enzymes. It also supplies your body with plenty of healthy bacteria and yeast strains, more potent than yoghurt, it has been known to promote and aid in digestion and overall health.

The health benefits of water kefir are endless, they are a natural supplier of probiotics to our digestive tract. Probiotics refers to the healthy bacteria that usually feeds on the bad unhealthy bacteria in our stomach and intestines.

Bacterial overgrowth can lead to many illnesses some of which include, fungi, yeast infections, indigestion, obesity, IBS, crohn's disease, skin disorders, ect.

By drinking water kefir you will bring balance to your internal microflora, many people take a probiotic supplement daily for this particular reason kefir is much tastier and more affordable in the long run.

You will receive 20 or 40 grams of 100% Organic live water kefir grains, including instructions on how to brew store and keep your grains alive.

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