Elderberry Syrup Immunity Booster
  • Elderberry Syrup Immunity Booster
  • Elderberry Syrup Immunity Booster
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Elderberry Syrup Immunity Booster

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Elderberry Syrup Immunity Booster
Elderberry Syrup Immunity Booster


- Boosts immunity
- Rich in vitamins A&C
- Decreases mucus production
- Fights cold and flu
- Soothes coughs
- Recommended from 6 months old 


Take 1 tablespoon every hour for the first day, then back off to 1 tablespoon every 3 hours until better. 

A daily dose of this sweetness will keep the bugs at bay.


Fresh Organic elderberries, ginger, lemon, orange, black strap molasses, cinnamon and fresh Turmeric.

Why use elderberry syrup?

Elderberry syrup has strong antiviral effects it is a recommended daily tonic that’s supports your overall health.

Elderberries contain vitamins A,C,D

Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper and selenium.

They also contain flavonoids such as quercetin, which accounts for the therapeutic action of the flower and berries.

The bottom line is elderberries contain the highest levels of anthocyanin’s of any fruit, almost five times higher than any other berry.

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