Homocysteine Test
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Homocysteine Test


Used to identify those at risk of cardio vascular disease, infertility and Alzheimer’s.


                •             We are SGS audited as a laboratory

                             Governed by the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency

                             We abide by The International Organisation of Standardisation

                             Uphold a 98% reproducibility rate

                             Awarded UK’s Leading Provider 2019


                             It is reported that people visit their GP for 10 years with the same problem

                             88% see improvements across all symptoms

                             It can take 6-12 months to identify a food intolerance through an elimination diet

                             Cheaper tests are commonly using markers that are not scientifically proven

                             Cheaper tests have a reproducibility rate at around 40-60% due to the increase of false positive results and in essence making the client remove foods they don’t have to

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