Food Intolerance Test Silver
  • Food Intolerance Test Silver
  • Food Intolerance Test Silver
SKU : Food Intolerance Test Silver

Food Intolerance Test Silver


Test for Intolerance to many types of food


Once we receive your sample we return your results within 15 working days in the form of a traffic light system.

This is easy to interpret and offers you a bespoke set of results.

Red - complete avoidance for 12 weeks 

Amber - consum no more than twice a week over 12 weeks 

Green - okay to eat 



Test Specification -


Age range this test is suitable for - Adults 2+


Type of test - Blood test from a finger prick


Before Taking this Test - Eat as normal


How long until I get my results - 10 days


What will my results look like - Example test results


Science behind our testing -


Lorisian Overview-


Science Behind a FI-



                •             We are SGS audited as a laboratory

                             Governed by the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency

                             We abide by The International Organisation of Standardisation

                             Uphold a 98% reproducibility rate

                             Awarded UK’s Leading Provider 2019


                             It is reported that people visit their GP for 10 years with the same problem

                             88% see improvements across all symptoms

                             It can take 6-12 months to identify a food intolerance through an elimination diet

                             Cheaper tests are commonly using markers that are not scientifically proven

                             Cheaper tests have a reproducibility rate at around 40-60% due to the increase of false positive results and in essence making the client remove foods they don’t have to


How to take your test -


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